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Welcome to Hannah!

Welcome to Hannah!

       Article écrit par
              les  3èB


Nous avons la chance d'accueillir une assistante anglaise cette année au collège. Les élèves de 3èB ont écrit un petit article pour la présenter (in English, of course!)

"Her name is Hannah and her surname is Cluley. She is 27 years old and she was born on December 3rd. She is a language assistant. Her dad is Swedish and her mother is English therefore she is English and Swedish.
She can speak English, Swedish and some French. She lives in Paris but she lived in Morocco and Sweden when she was younger.
She has a boyfriend whose name is Alex. She hasn’t got any children and she hasn’t got any pets either.

Her favourite colour is blue. She is fond of cooking (she is crazy about Italian food), dancing and reading and she adores pudding and chocolate too. She likes planes, school, cartoons (Mickey Mouse) and mangas but she doesn't like camping. She is keen on surfing but she thinks it is very hard and she supports Southampton Football Team.

She doesn't have a car because she can't drive. Over her holiday, she went to see her family in Sweden and she stayed in Spain for a week."